Friday, August 2, 2013

SAVING SLOAN Spoiler and It's 80s month :)

So, I have two things to talk about. One is a theme I decided to do on the blog. Since it's August (8), I decided to make it 80s month on the blog.

Next week, we'll talk our favorite movies.
The next week, we'll talk our favorite 80s tv shows.
The next week, we'll talk our favorite 80s toys.
Finally, we'll wrap out 80s month with fashion, fads, and music :)

Go ahead and have 80s month on your blog too. Let's have some fun :)

ALSO, for all you Saint Sloan fans, I signed the contract earlier in the week for the sequel, SAVING SLOAN :) It is coming out in March/April 2014. 

I promised on my facebook page to give you a spoiler... so.... here it is...

In Saving Sloan, Sloan DOES pick between Aaron and Ray :) Will it be the brother you like? Are you Team Aaron or Team Ray. Which brother do YOU think she'll pick? Leave a comment. I'd love to chat about it :)

~Kelly-- Be Excellent to Each Other.