Wednesday, May 7, 2014

100 Word Wednesday:You Know What They Say...

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I haphazardly threw my last shirt into the suitcase and slammed it shut. There, I was ready.

I looked back to see the disapproving look on his face, but he didn't try to stop me. I didn't expect he would.

I drove to where I wanted to be... where I'd be taken care of.

With suitcase in hand, I knocked on the door. After a few knocks, my mother answered.

"Can I have my old room?" I asked.

"Um... you can have the couch." She said as a moving man with boxes walked by me.

You can't go home again.

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  1. I love the mom's line here :)

  2. Love it! I wanna know why she left. :)

    1. Oh... I have a pretty good reason ;)

  3. :( kinda sad. Home never is the same once you leave it

  4. This is heartbreaking. She can come live with me. I'll take care of her.

  5. Aww, sad. I've always thought that was one of the saddest "You know what they say" expressions. Love what you did with it.

  6. Oh, sad for her - wonderful take on the old saying.

  7. I think my heart broke a little at that. Nice capture of emotions. This was powerful.