Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Videos by O. Free Teaser Giveaway (Authors, you want to enter this!)

Videos By O is one of my favorite pages on facebook. Both of my book trailers came from O, and I couldn't be happier. She is being super nice and giving away a free teaser trailer!! EEP! Authors, this is something you definitely want.

 photo Opalsbookteasergiveaway_zps178f1824.jpg

Free teaser includes cover, tagline, author URL, music or sound effect and moving background.

If you like what she does, you can request a book trailer. Think you can't afford one? I'm telling you, you can. She is super affordable. I'm a teacher and a writer... you know I don't have a lot of money ;) And I bought 2 of them. And she does quality work. She should charge 3x more than she does (but don't think I don't appreciate her rates).

Last day to enter is the 8th...

Here are my book trailers from Videos by O. Remember these are trailers. The prize you can win is a teaser (shorter of course), but you can sort of see her work here.


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