Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday with the Family-- Patience and Pancakes

Today, I was about to cook breakfast for my family. The husband didn't want pancakes. 2/3 of my girls wanted cereal. Just me and my oldest wanted what I had started cooking.
"Okay," I thought. "I normally don't do this, but I'll cook everybody what they want." Normally, I'm a stickler for things. If I cook it, you eat or do without. I have been told (recently) that I might be a tad bit uptight about things so I decided, okay, I'll be 'good' today.
That was my first mistake....
While I was cooking the pancakes, the husband fixed himself some chili fries. Okay, no big deal. He's a grown man.
My kids were different.
My youngest two started in it. Apparently, life as we knew it was about to cease to exist. They were starving... like STARVING! So, being good as I was, I fixed their cereal while I worked on the pancakes. They ate. I cooked.
My oldest daughter saw her sisters eating and wanted her pancake early. She didn't want to wait for the eggs or strawberries. She just wanted her pancake.
Okay, whatever.
I gave her pancake to her and started on mine.
They were still hungry, so I fixed some strawberries. They ate. I cooked. Finally, when I got finished cooking the pancakes and eggs, I sat down to eat. My family got up because they were finished. All except for my 2 year old, who decided she needed a pancake (even though she'd already eaten a bowl of chocolate cereal.) NOTE: she didn't get a pancake, but I did give her 2-3 bites of mine.
I was sitting (alone), eating (alone), thinking (alone) when I started laughing. (NOTE: laughing alone just makes you look weird... But I did it anyway. Make your own conclusions.)
 Years ago, I asked God for a husband. I got one.
After that, I asked God for a job. I got one.
After that, I asked God for a child. I got one.
After that, I asked God for another child. I got one.
After that, I asked God for a third child. I got one.
After that, I asked God to allow me to write a book. I did.
After that, I asked God to allow the book to be published. It was.
After that, I asked God for big sales. It was on the bestseller list.
After that, I asked God for a second books to sell. It did.
After that.... you get the idea.
Like my 2 year old (yeah I admit it), I always want more. God is the cook in the kitchen trying to get our lives... our blessings prepared for us to enjoy, and sometimes we are the impatient children wanting it NOW! Had my 2 year old waited, she would have gotten a treat-- a pancake-- and not cereal that she eats every day.
We forget that God is working behind the scenes, cooking if you will, to get everything ready.
But we want it NOW!
I've been praying for something (again... Not a baby lol) and I seem to want it NOW and get upset when it doesn't happen. I'm like my two year old. Sigh.
When you get upset over something or don't see it happening, remember God is always working behind the scenes. He's cooking you up something much better than your ordinary cereal. Be patient. Enjoy what you have now-- but look forward to those pancakes in the future.
Proverbs 16:32: Better to be patient than powerful;
better to have self-control than to conquer a city.

Are you wanting something very much?
Have you asked God for it?
Are you being patient and waiting?
Or are you being like me (lol)?

My goal is to enjoy where I am now and look forward to what is in store in the future :) I hope the same for you :) :)


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