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Win a Free Kindle Fire #APFanFest

I've very excited to be one of the hosts for the Astraea Press 2013 Fan Fest!! What does this mean for you? Well, lots of prizes (over 60!!! From ebooks, print books, a month of free PR from an amazing Publicist, swag packs.... just to name a few things being given away!)

There will be over 40 authors there to chat with, mingle with, and win prizes from!

AND... the grand prize is a KINDLE FIRE! (I wish I could win it! My Nook has just about had it...)

How do you enter to win the KINDLE FIRE? Easy. Rafflecopter easy :) The winner will be announced after the party on July 16th. 

You can follow along at the official facebook page (where all the prizes and fun will be given away HERE or on twitter HERE GOOD LUCK! And I can't wait to see you at the 2013 Astraea Press Fan Fest on Facebook :)

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(photo courtesy of my 7 year old and my cellphone...)

One thing a lot of author's dream about is holding a copy of their book. After nearly 9 months as an ebook, I'm finally getting to hold mine!


((My kids are so excited! They keep jumping up and down and kissing me :) They think it's neat to see ole Mama's name on a book cover. I'm with them on that...))

You can buy them from Amazon as a paperback or anywhere ebooks are sold as... well... an ebook.

Couldn't wait to share this with you guys!

The Enchanted-- Elaine Cantrell

The Enchanted by Elaine Cantrell

Forced by his father into a marriage he didn’t want, Prince Alan soon finds that his bride isn’t the sweet, submissive creature he expected. Morgane has the heart of a dragon and beauty beyond compare, but she isn’t thrilled about the marriage either. When black treachery threatens the kingdom, Morgane and Alan embark on a perilous journey that has an excellent chance of ending in failure and death for them and all their people.

Morgane advanced on her enemy with deadly purpose.

"No!" Alan roared. "She has a knife."

Morgane tried to retreat, but it was too late. Aili's knife caught her in her thigh. Blood spurted as if from a fountain. Renweard was closer to her than Alan. His sword rose. Aili breathed her last as Morgane swayed and slipped to the floor.

Alan ran across the room and cradled her in his arms. In seconds he was coated with blood. "ʺWe must stop the bleeding!" he cried. "Where are the healers?"

ʺI will find one." Renweard left the room at a run with King Bowdyn right behind him.

Morgane's eyes fluttered open. "Your arms around me. No heaven can compare.ʺ

Alan pressed a kiss to her hair. "I love you, my brave Morgane."

Morgane sighed. "I could not let you face this battle alone.ʺ
Author’s Note:
After spending most of the last ten years writing contemporary romance, I decided it was time for a change. So in the spring of 2012 I wrote my first romantic fantasy, The Enchanted. Several challenges immediately presented themselves. First, I knew that I didn't want the fantasy to overpower the romance which meant I'd have to balance my world building details with the romantic elements.

Challenge two was finding characters who'd fit into my newly created world. I didn't want plastic, stereotypical characters. I wanted real people with warts and human imperfections, people whose lives and problems would draw you in and make you care about them.

My third challenge was to craft a plot that included fantasy elements, yet at the same time allowed my characters to be in charge of their own destiny and in the process grow and change.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I enjoyed the experience so much I have another fantasy/sci fi romance in the wings waiting for December and its turn at publication. Given my new love affair with fantasy romance, will I write contemporary romance again? I sure will. I'm working on one right now, and I just love it. It will be my first full length romantic comedy.
Author Links:
The Enchanted is sold at most online retail outlets.

A sweet story, easy read, fairytale/fantasy/romance 5 stars. 
Teresa Cypher on Amazon

A wonderful story that has swept into my heart. I will be remembering this one for a long time and reading it again.
                                                   Tifferz Book Reviews on Goodreads

Along the Way Home-- Christi Corbett

Jake Fitzpatrick, an experienced trail guide, wants land out west to raise cattle and crops. But dreams require money and he’s eating dandelion greens for dinner. So when a wealthy businessman offers double wages to guide his family across the Oregon Trail, Jake accepts with one stipulation—he is in complete control.

Departure day finds Kate clinging to her possessions as Jake demands she abandon all he deems frivolous, including her deceased mother’s heirlooms. Jake stands firm, refusing to let the whims of a headstrong woman jeopardize the wages he so desperately needs—even a beautiful one with fiery green eyes and a temper to match.

Trail life is a battle of wills between them until tragedy strikes, leaving Jake with an honor-bound promise to protect her from harm and Kate with a monumental choice—go back to everything she’s ever known or toward everything she’s ever wanted?

Advance Praise for Along the Way Home
…author Christi Corbett unfurls an unforgettable epic romance inside of an epic Western adventure. Beautifully crafted, this debut novel is a tender journey of the heart as well as a treacherous journey of many miles.
Eve Paludan, author of Taking Back Tara (Ranch Lovers Romance series)

A breathtaking account of courage and adventure along the Oregon Trail.
Jillian Kent, author of The Ravensmoore Chronicles.

A dash of action! A touch of intrigue! Loads of sweet, clean romantic promise…
Reid Lance Rosenthal, Winner of 15 National Awards, #1 Best Selling Author of the Threads West, An American Saga series.




About Christi
Christi CorbettI’m addicted to coffee, sticky notes, and the Oxford Comma. I live in a small town in Oregon with my husband and our twins. Our home’s location is especially inspiring because the view from the back door is a hill travelers looked upon years ago as they explored the Oregon Territory and beyond.

Along the Way Home is a Sweet Historical Romance. It released in ebook format on June 11, 2013 and will be available in print July of 2013. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Astraea Press (my publisher) and several other retailers.

When I’m not writing I love chatting with readers and writers alike. You can find me in one of the following locations:
Twitter: @ChristiCorbett

Facebook: Christi Corbett—Author

Are You A Little Red Hen?

When I first started writing, the husband wasn't very happy about it. To him, it was a hobby-- like his fishing-- and it was taking a lot of time... which it was. A LOT of time (now it takes longer bc of social media lol)

He was happy when I got my first book contract. He was proud when the book came out. 

When I started writing the second book... wow. He wasn't thrilled. He thought this was a one hit thing, I suppose. He thought one book a year would be great. I had to explain for any writer now days to get their name out, you have to write 3-4 books a year-- which is daunting with 3 small kids and a full time job.

Finally, when people started actually buying the book and people started talking to him about it, he got very excited! He loved my writing and has made every effort since then to 'give me time' to write.

It took a year of unhappiness (on that front), but now he's one of my most vocal supporters.

He wasn't there for the planting, harvesting, or cooking-- but he's there for the final product. Unlike the Little Red Hen, I'm just happy he's on board now :)

If you are trying to write and there is someone not exactly with you, I understand. But it will pass. My husband is very excited about my self-publishing my 3rd book! I NEVER thought he would be. People surprise you!

Okay... great. That hits writing, but what about being a Mama?

For months, I took my oldest 2 girls to tumbling practice. Toward the latter, my sister came with me. The husband took them a few times, but mainly, it was me. I definitely paid the tuition (though my mother did pay for the recital).

The point is, I was there 95% of the time. I did most of the leg work when it came to getting them to and from tumbling.

On the day of the recital, everyone was there. My 2 year old started acting like a sleepy, cranky 2 year old and I had to take her out. Guess who didn't get to sit in her seat and 'eat the bread' of watching her girls' recital?


We, as Mamas, get the not so pleasant jobs at times. We get the cleaning up the messes, the arguing, the crying when we brush their hair-- but the others get the 'reward' (the bread at the end of the story)

Should we get bitter about it? Well, no... doesn't mean we don't sometimes though. It's human.

What about you? Do you have some Little Red Hen moments in your life? Did they (like my husband) turn around and become one of your biggest supporters? 

And JUST IN CASE you don't know the story of the Little Red Hen-- and just if you are having a bad day-- here is Benedict Cumberbatch (star of BBCs Sherlock and Star Trek: Into Darkness) reading...
The Little Red Hen
(Proceed to fangirl now if you must ;) )

(from youtube)


Read to the end of this post to enter to win one of 5 Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) for DEVIN MILLER :)

Friends, I'm very excited to announce my 3rd book, THE DECEPTION OF DEVIN MILLER, will be released in ebook and paperback (from Amazon) on July 23rd, 2013!!!!

There will be several events leading up to the release (I love 'events' ;) ) The first is the cover reveal and the chance to win one of 5 ARCs :)

But first, I want to show you the awesome cover! I have to say, I'm in love with it :) Laura Heritage outdid herself!


 photo deceptionofdevinmiller1400x2100_zpscd00f6f7.jpg

So.... what do you think?
What the book is about...
One month ago, seventeen year old Devin Miller wrecked while intoxicated—or so she’s told by the very aggravated blue-eyed boy when she wakes up from a coma. The only thing Devin remembers is the darkness holding her down and the voices-- some happy, some upset, and one very agitated. She can't remember her name, her age, where she lives, or who in the world the blue-eyed boy is. But he knows who she is, and against her better judgment, she offers to pay him for his memories so she can trick the ones closest to her into thinking she's fine. That is her first mistake.

When Devin gets home, things start to spin out of control. People she doesn't know keep talking to her. Trey--the blue -eyed boy-- doesn't show up like he's supposed too. And the police want to talk to her about her involvement in car accident. Plus she keeps seeing flashes of the crash, but none of them make sense. What would a red plastic cup have to do with anything? And why doesn't she have any feelings for her 'boyfriend', Cooper?

Facing DUI charges for a wreck she can't recall, Devin struggles to remember exactly what happened the night of the crash: something the real driver wants her to keep buried.

Now, it's you chance to win. Check out the Rafflecopter and GOOD LUCK!!!! 

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Climbing Heartbreak Hill-- Joselyn Vaughn

I'm so so SO excited to have Joselyn Vaughn on the blog today!! Keep reading and find out about a great cause. ~Kelly


As a runner writing about running and the Boston Marathon, I have to do whatever I can to support those injured at this year’s event. I’ve worn race shirts, I’ve run 4.09 miles, I’ve run 26.2 miles (over a few days) for those who didn’t get to finish the race and I wore yellow and blue for the Boston Athletic Association at the River Bank Run. Now I’m asking you for help. A portion of my proceeds from Climbing Heartbreak Hill will go to the One Fund Boston. Every penny and every step counts. Run on!

Climbing Heartbreak Hill by Joselyn Vaughn

Buy links:

Professional runner, Ryan Grant, blows out his knee training for another attempt at the Boston marathon and the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. Ryan retreats home, not looking for anything more than a fast recovery, but he finds solace in the arms of his tax preparer, Tara Mansfield.
Tara’s cheerleading career ended abruptly and she faces an upward climb beating the stereotype as dumb blonde in her new calling as an accountant. Framed with defrauding the IRS during the last weeks of the tax season, Tara’s tentative confidence is shaken, but Ryan coaches her in ensnaring the true perpetrator. She cheers him on in discovering his identity as a coach rather than an athlete.
With the help of the junkyard king and a mechanical bull, can Tara and Ryan find the courage to climb Heartbreak Hill together?

A portion of my proceeds from Climbing Heartbreak Hill will be donated to the One Fund Boston to help those injured at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Contact Links:
Twitter: @joselynvaughn

I live in the Great Lakes state with my husband, three rambunctious children and two barking Beagles (I suppose that is redundant.) When not suffering the woes of potty training three toddler/preschoolers, I enjoy reading, running (sometimes it's fleeing the craziness at home), reconstructing clothing, thrift store shopping and surfing (I spend way too much time there and am getting all kinds of exciting ideas for projects for my husband to do. He is less than thrilled by this.)
I love writing romance because I enjoy stories where everything works out all right in the end and the main characters have a happily ever after. My stories are set in small towns with quirky characters that take on a life of their own.

A lanky, sandy haired man on crutches elbowed his way
through the door, alternating between pushing the glass door open
and inching his crutches forward. He wore a red windbreaker with
Lakeshore Track Club embroidered on the chest. Clutched between
his left hand and the handle of his crutch was a wad of papers. It
wasn’t the worst presentation of receipts she’d seen in the last three
months, but it would make the top ten.
She experienced a brief wave of déjà vu. A flash of his face
laughing in the dark. Had she seen him before somewhere? His
physique didn’t match any of the football players she had been in
contact with. Surely the strange bend in his nose would stand out
enough in her memory. It gave him a reckless air she found
“Let me help you with that.” She hurried over to the door
and kicked the stopper down to hold it open while she relieved him
of the fistful of paper. A quick scan of the parking lot told her
Mark’s truck hadn’t arrived yet. “Do you have an appointment?”
“Your sign said walk--‐‑ins were welcome.” His voice had a
pleasant timbre. Tara didn’t miss the once--‐‑over he gave her. She
was used to those. It was one of the side--‐‑effects of having breast
implants not written in the tri--‐‑fold brochure from the plastic
surgeon: every male and one in three females will stare at your
chest. At times, Tara wanted to wear a name--‐‑tag that said ‘and yes,
they are fake'ʹ under her name.
“Walk--‐‑ins are always welcome. We have a small break in the
rush right now, so why don’t you have a seat by my desk?” Tara
released the door then made her way around her desk and righted
her chair.
The man put the two crutches together and gingerly lowered
himself into the seat. He kept his left leg extended, and Tara could
see the outline of a brace around his knee through his warm--‐‑up
pants. She dropped the pile of receipts into the middle of her desk
and opened a new client file on her computer.
“Have you been here before?” When he answered in the
negative, Tara said, “Okay. Then we’ll need to go through the
basics first. I’ll need all your vital stats.”
“Excuse me?”
“Name, address, phone number, etc.”
“Oh, I thought you meant age, weight, heart rate, and blood
pressure. Guess I’ve been to too many doctors lately. Ryan Grant.”
He rattled off an address she recognized as one of the Ladies Night
Out members. Had Yvonne been holding out on her? They owed
her a favor after she had helped them get Leslie and Mark together.
The last names matched so he must be family. Perhaps Yvonne’s