Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fairy Tale Fortnight-- Giveaway

I am beyond excited to be a part of Fairy Tale Fortnight (I even have a post on their blog... SQUEE!! Let me fangirl a moment. Of course I'll let you know when it is posted). 

Fairy Tale Hop

I'm also a part of the "I am a reader" blog hop giveaway to celebrate 2 weeks of fairy tale greatness! I'm giving away kindle ebook copies of Chandra Hahn's UnEnchanted and Fariest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series)... and a $5 Amazon gift card to buy your own book (maybe even a fairy tale) (Please Visit Chandra's Amazon page by clicking here. :) You might find your new favorite fairy tale :) )

Have I mentioned how much I love fairy tales? If not, you will hear it a lot in the next 2 weeks. ;) I'm writing my first regency fairy tale at the moment and loving it!! Through the next few weeks, I'll post some snippets of it. (can't wait!)

For now, enter the rafflecopter, hop over to the other participating blogs and do the same, and enjoy 2 weeks of fairy tale bliss! 

Be sure to leave comments. I always love to hear from readers :)

~Kelly-- Maybe not the fairest in all the land, but definitely living her happily ever after... (most days ;) I ain't gonna lie lol)
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  1. I had no idea how many irons you have in the fire,Kelly! I think I signed up for everything! Best of luck with your new release and all of your works.

  2. Lol I had to cut some things back bc I could only have 6 entries ;) I also have a tumblr, a goodreads, and pinterest ;)

    Thanks for signing up <3