Friday, March 28, 2014

COVER REVEAL and Top 5 Things I've done on Spring Break-- Probably not what you think ;)

If you don't know, I'm not just a writer. I'm also a teacher. I teach Special Education Preschool. Love it. Love my kids. Love my aid. Love my school. Just... love it!

But, as with all things, I do tend to look forward to vacations. Vacations are nice. A great time to spend time with your family and friends.... your kids... your housework you've put off until (I'm off that week).

And to top it all off... my husband actually decided to take the week off as well.

I had plans. I had BIG plans. I didn't get most of them competed. There are reasons (aren't there always).

Here are the 5 things I PLANNED On getting done this week (followed by the 5 things I DID do):

1). Clean my house

2) Go to the zoo with my kids

3) Write every day

4) Finish writing The Black Heart

5) Have a date night with the husband.

Get all of that?

Here are the 5 things I DID do for Spring Break:

1. I read Divergent.
I had no intentions of reading Divergent. I just finally bought it on my kindle. ALL of my plans were all sort of turned upside down when I hurt my back and couldn't get off of the couch for 2 days. SO, Sunday while the husband had the kids, I downloaded Divergent. And I read... and read... and read... and read... and finished. When I got back online to see how long it was, I nearly feel over to learn it was 500 pages!!! I felt sort of like a reading superhero ;)
2. I slept.
I slept a lot. This was accomplished by muscle relaxers and pain pills (for my back... not because I have a problem with them.)
3. I folded seven loads of clothes.
While I was out for the count, I DID wash clothes. I have three kids. They needed clothes lol. But I didn't fold them. When I got better, I had to fold them. And there were a lot. Sigh. When did we get this many clothes?
FYI, not my house ;) (from )
4. I went to Hell... and watched the Divergent movie.
"Hell" was a car dealership. I'm sure you understand. I think car dealerships are fine places. I do. They are wonderful. But... just... I won't get into it. But the good part was I got to see the Divergent movie (not at the car dealership, btw). Which means I got to see Four. And that was okay with me :)
Absolutely LOVED the movie!!!!!
 photo fourandtris_zps2260a8e0.jpg

5. I finished THE BLACK HEART!!
I'm SO excited! Look, I know Hindsight 1: Out of the Blue hasn't came out yet (going to next month), but I'm so excited to have part 2: The Black Heart finished! I can breathe... and NOW I just have to write RED SCARLET (book 3).
Wanna see the cover for THE BLACK HEART?!? Be the first people anywhere (except my street team).
Drumroll please.....
 photo 1499709_10202171429739943_1087327351_n_zps947e46fc.jpg
EEPPP!! That, my friends, is Oliver Weston. I can't tell you anything about him. That is all ;)
BONUS! I outlined all of RED SCARLET (book 3). I have the cover for it too... not sure if you guys want to see it yet or not....
I hope you can't read this lol
 photo downsized_0328141442_zps1837aede.jpg

 photo outoftheblueteaser_zps09edddfc.jpg

Don't forget to...

 photo 9ba8498a-31b0-4d17-991b-8899451540c1_zps03333750.gif

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