Saturday, March 15, 2014

Love and Diamonds (two of my favorite things :) )

I love looking at diamonds. I think they are pretty and sparkly and oh so awesome.

I also don't like wearing them (which is weird I suppose). I don't even wear my wedding ring... or my engagement ring... or my anniversary ring... or my mother's ring.

There is a very important reason why (2 actually): 1) I've gained a slight amount of weight since I got married (slight.... SLIGHT I say...) and 2). In my job, I'm afraid I'll lose them.

BUT WAIT KELLY, you could be saying... I thought you were a writer. How... what... huh?

Writing is my second job (third if you count being a publicist). My first job (the one that pays me the most) is I'm a special education preschool teacher. Which means I have to change diapers... which means I have to wear gloves... which means... yeah. I'm afraid I'll lose them.

So. I don't wear my diamonds.

But I gawk at other's and their big ole sparkly rocks.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, it is leading to my story in the Astraea Press: Love and Diamonds anthology. My story is about how I GOT my engagement ring. 3 weeks after the now husband and I started dating...

Justin Scott has it all planned out... His boat. A beautiful creek. A pretty woman. A gorgeous ring. Sure, he's only dated Faith for three weeks, but he knows she was the right one. He just hopes she feels the same way. Will he be able to go along with his plan to make it the most memorable proposal ever? Or will Faith have a secret of her own?
Dun.... Dun.... Dunnnn...
I would love for you to read how the husband and I got engaged (and what a large fish had to do with it...) in the anthology. Along with mine, there are 14 other stories in there sure to make you smile and fall in love all over again.
Or at least give you a good time for a few hours....
Tomorrow I'm going to talk about my thoughts on Love--- I wouldn't miss that ;)


  1. Sounds great Kelly! (And I gawk at everybody else's diamonds, too...while leaving mine off and safely tucked away at home.) ;)

  2. I'm totally with you on the SLIGHT weight gain. I've already had my engagement and wedding rings re-sized once and then outgrew them again. I vowed to shrink back into them instead of re-sizing again, and, well... they're still in the box. And somehow I feel conspicuous wearing bling, but I adore it on other people.

  3. I still haven't read all the stories, (only about half way) but the one's I'd read so are are great.
    And I think anthologies are totally awesome.
    Where else can you get 15 stories for about 27 cents a piece?

  4. Hi Kelly. I also don't wear diamonds much but like to look at them. Lovely to learn more about you and lovely to know the story in the anthology was based on your own story.